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School outline

​★ Tokyo Immigration Bureau certified school (excellent school)
★ Nisshin Association certified school

Highly qualified teachers will take you to the joyful journey with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. 

Within three months you will be able to communicate and express yourself in any situation. 

The journey will be fulfilled everyday practicing, discussing topics ranging from daily matters to social issues with the focus of each and everyone’s professional

interest. Moreover, you’ll be able to have exceptional guidance counseling if you are interested in continuing on to higher education or looking to obtain employment. 

The school has multiple connections with Japanese companies, so you’ll have an opportunity to get a job after graduation if you would like to get work experience in Japan. 

We are flittered to welcome students from all over the world. Who would like to learn Japanese in all forms. 

Who wish to learn Japanese for daily communication.  Who wish to learn about Japanese culture through language and on hand experience.

Who studied once Japanese in their home country and wish to upgrade their Japanese skills.

The dormitory is nearby and very comfortable, staying in the dormitory of the school will help you make savings not only in terms of money but also time and help to the concentration on your studies.

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